Ages: The Village was designed to be a broad-spectrum retirement community, equally comfortable for those retired and those still working at any age from 55 to 90-plus. This is exactly how it has evolved. As of 2016, we had a similar number of residents in each age tier from 55- 65, 65-75, and those over 75.

Village History: The Village was conceived in the 1990s when our neighbor, Henry Koffler, was still president of the University of Arizona. He wished to create a community that would encourage lifelong learning in a lovely natural setting. He began by approaching academic friends and colleagues, but it did not take long for the concept to catch on far beyond retiring faculty. Today, the Village is home to residents from a wide range of regions and interests. There are artists and entrepreneurs, engineers and educators, scientists, and computer analysts,  business and financial analysts, plus doctors, nurses, lawyers, and former judges, and dozens more with home-centered careers focused on family. Their hobbies and interests are just as diverse, from Renaissance music to poetry, foreign languages to painting, woodworking to electronics, singing, dancing and jewelry-making, tennis and golf , and motorcycles, cars and airplanes.

Geography: Our geography is as diverse as our ages and interests. Some longtime Tucsonans live here along with a sizeable group of West Coast transplants and several from the mountain states, while a substantial number of Villagers recently hail from the East Coast and the Midwest. We also have a large international contingent with countries of origin that include Canada, France, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, India, China, Indonesia, and Trinidad.

Numbers: As of 2017, Academy Village had 151 occupied homes and about 190 residents. A number of new houses are being built at this time. When build-out is complete there will be 264 homes and 400-plus occupants.

Occupancy: The Village is a comfortable choice for both full- and part-time residents. About two-thirds of the current homeowners are year-round residents. The remaining third divide the year between the Village and homes elsewhere.