Academy Village Clouds and Rincons

The Rincon Valley provides a wonderful view of  the desert, mountains and sky.  We are fortunate that the desert has been preserved and that Academy Village has been placed within this valley in a way that maintains our views of and involvement with the landscape. In 2005, Time Magazine published an article written by Terry McCarthy about how the Rincon Valley and Academy Village within it  have been developed within the desert in a way that causes the least disturbance to the remarkable beauty of the landscape, and the various creatures that live within it.  She quotes Carolyn Ziegler from Academy Village: “Given the rate the desert is being gobbled up by people like us, my feeling is we need to put some back,” she says, standing on her porch and pointing to the plants in her yard. “I put in native plants only–ocotillo, Arizona rosewood, desert willow, prickly pear. I start them with a little water, but soon they will survive on their own.”

The views from the village are stunning.  Here is a quote from one of our residents who is a photographer:

       “There are a lot of practical and social reasons why someone might want to move to Academy Village. But I think some people, like me, come to Arizona, or Tucson, or the Academy Village      because of the sky. The day sky and the night sky. Some come knowing that the city has an official dark sky policy. It seems to work. The Milky Way can be lit up like a Christmas tree and the stars are sometimes as bright as the headlight of a big cargo plane. Awesome. The sky is where the wind happens and our horizontal monsoons can shake the Palo Verde and Mesquite trees so they look like frantic drunken hula dancers. And that is even without the spectacular lightning showers.

But most of all I’m impressed by the clouds. They are often unreal – things you have never seen before. There are mixtures of clouds that would never exist at the same time and place. And the lathery cumulus thunderheads are so white it makes you think of heaven. And the sunsets! They often make you want to run and find a famous artist right away to limn and capture them for all time. Sunsets with reds and yellows and green, and purples that almost stop your heart. So the sky and the clouds and the other stuff associated with them are among the most sterling assets of Academy Village. They are not just here, they actually perform.”      –Academy Village resident, Brack Brown