Overview — The Academy Village community is a diverse and supportive group of neighbors who have discovered a new way of retiring. On any given day, you may find a presentation on local geology, a yoga class, a first-rate concert, an art group exploring watercolors, a guest lecturer speaking on music theory, or a resident leading a discussion on astronomy. If you are looking for a place devoted to life-long learning, the Academy Village is the answer.

The Arizona Senior Academy is one of the centerpieces of Village life. The Academy, a non-profit, 501 C(3) organization, is the source of educational and cultural programs that complement the programs and social events provided by the Academy Village Homeowners Association (HOA).  All residents of the community, 6o years of age or older, are also automatically members of the Academy.

Throughout the year, Academy members are provided with programs, seminars, and concerts. Members also enjoy 5 and 10-week courses, mini-courses, and panel discussions.  Last year, the Academy sponsored well over 175 such events. Community service is a major interest among members of the Academy. Academy members have, among other things, made school presentations, mentored local students, served as Science Fair judges, and sponsored aspiring young musicians.

Community residents, through the HOA, are actively involved in developing community traditions that complement the offerings of Wellness, Fitness, and the Arizona Senior Academy. There are a number of committees providing opportunities to participate in the structure and direction of community activities, organizations, and governance. As a result, The Academy Village clearly reflects the vision of its residents.

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